Really, Really??

It took me 5 times tonight to lay down my 7 1/2 month old. The second I'd have him in his crib and my arm slide half way out from underneath him-- there he'd go I'm awake because I shouldn't be out of your arms mom! Sage is known for being quite the momma's boy in his couple of months here on earth. If he's on my hip he's happy, if he's not-- well he's not.
Sometimes I think we should be part of the SNL news skit,
Really, Really, Really Sage?
Even once in his walker, that he thoroughly enjoys playing bumper cars with our two dogs in, he will come up behind me while I'm doing dishes and just hang unto my pants or robe. Or if I'm standing talking to someone else he will continually ram me with his walker until he has full attention. Really, Sage, Really?
We are slowly but surely making progress. He now lets daddy hold him, and I can manage to slip away upstairs and maybe actually take a bath for a good 15 minutes before someone is in tears yet again. And this weekend to our surprise someone's first words were "da, da, da deeet" (I'm taking it as a dada, daddy).
So as tonight did have its Really, Really Sage?? moments I am thinking that soon enough he'll be grown up and the problem wont be him attach to my hip 24/7.... treasure the love now before he wont let me even kiss him in public and the Really, Really, Sage moments are Really some trouble.

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