A Weekend Spent In

I've been in a bit of a procrastination rut, although it did take me a few days to admit it.  I've got things that I could do that I just don't feel like doing and things I need to do and just don't want to.  So it was a weekend of this and that, things got done but I still lacked that feeling of getting something accomplished.  
We got a taste of the late fall/winter weather this weekend, a preview of the approaching change of seasons.  A cold, dreary two days we bunkered down practicing for our winter hibernation.
The boys watched morning cartoons, played with toys they haven't had out in a while, stayed in their pajamas till after lunch and got afternoon baths.  
The change in season does not only affect your daily routine it also has an impact on your mind set.  Colder days chasing you indoors, approaching holidays with family your mind has a tendency to wander and reflect.  
Lately I've been staring at my boys, not just watching them but really looking at them, memorizing their little faces over and over again.  It's quite amusing to catch their similarities and differences and watch them learn to play together.
Cy has gotten over his encounter with baby thor and the two spend most of the weekend somewhat sharing toys, but at least playing together.  Cy is still learning you can not leave a castle of building blocks you just built alone in a room with a 1 year old.  Once he got over it they continued to play building or banging blocks, making play food and tearing apart their play room. 

We survived the weekend but boy everyone's whooped.  I'm going to sneak in one last time to stare at my sleeping babies in their beds before I escape to mine.  My littlest buddy will probably be up in a few for his late night cuddles. 

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