Parenting Thursday: Chances are......

If you give your 1 year old a cupcake.......
He's going to dive right in.
He'll go for the frosting.

Which will get all over his face.
When he gets it on his face it'll leave a frosting mustache.

He might go in for another bite and eat the paper.
This wont stop him, he'll go until the frosting is gone.

And chances are if the frosting is gone it is all over him and you!

If you tell your 4 year old to pretend he's a king.....
He's going to ask you for a crown.
He'll ask you for some construction paper and ask you to cut one out.

Then he'll need some markers to color it in.
Once he has a crown he'll need a staff.
He'll get excited when you find a paper towel roll to wrap it in construction paper.
He'll need his markers again.

Once he has his crown and his staff he'll need a cape.
Good thing grandma made him one with his name!

Chances are once he's dressed as a king, he'll turn daddy into a knight!

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