Friday Finds: Abstract Art Project Ideas

I've been working on a new article, Abstract Art with Children.  Here were my top 3 project picks I featured in the article:

Abstract Stamp It Art, I did this project beginning of last summer with Cy.  Using kitchen tools/ utensils & recyclables and toys Cy dipped them in paint and stamp them on his paper making a composition.

DIY printmaking using styrofoam meat trays, dull pen or pencil to draw on.  Haven't done this one with Cy yet but it's on the list- photo/project link tinkerlab.com

If you have a salad spinner in your kitchen you HAVE to do this project with your kids.  I've done it with Cy and the EXPLORE ART class- haven't posted about it yet sorry.  Cut paper to fit and drop paint into spinner let the kids go.  So much fun, image/project link A Little Bit of Sunshine Blog.

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