Explore Art project: Melted Crayon Canvas

I've seen this project quite a bit over on pinterest and have been dying to try it with Cy.  It's a fun, active art project that will let kid's explore everyday art.  
Melted crayon canvas.

  What you'll need:
pre-stretched canvas ($6 at Big Lots)
at least 2 boxes of 24 count crayons
super glue
blow dryer

Super glue your crayons at the top of the canvas.  I put them at different heights to experiment with how they drip.
Put a piece of cardboard at the bottom to catch any drips.

Start your blow dryer and hold it in front of the crayons going back and forth.  You can concentrate in one area to get them starting to melt. 

Now I wouldn't let anyone 3 and under handle the hot blow dryer but I did offer to let Cy do it who's 4.  I warned him it's hot and not to touch it- but he wasn't even interested just liked watching.

Once they started melting they really got going.  Cy supervised and told me which ones to hold it in front of to melt more.  We had fun watching the colors race down the canvas and blend together at the top. 

A fun, easy everyday art project.  Took less than 10 minutes and $10.  It is now a new addition of art hanging in the boys bedroom.
Take time everyday to include a little bit of art in your child's life, you might even have a little fun.

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