Parenting Thursday: First Haircuts

I have to admit I am one of those parents, moms, that waits and waits to get their baby's 1st haircut. (to my husband: yes you read that right, I said it myself)  There is something so sweet and innocent about those soft little baby locks that you just don't want to give up. 

I did it with Cy and am doing it again with Sage.  I am just not ready to give in and say yes to that first haircut.  Poor Cy looked like a girl by the time I gave in to get it cut, people in the store would actually say oh you're little girl is so cute.

Exhibit A

Exhibit B- Cyrus
Look how long it was in the back, I probably could have pulled it back into a ponytail!   Cy was about 18 months old for his first haircut, at the JcPenney's salon while visiting Nana at work.

 Cy's after shot: baby to little boy haircut
What a cutie, I survived, he survived and we've had many haircuts since then.

But next we come to Mr. Sage.

Exhibit A- Sage (although he is painting in this picture, this is usually what he looks like after he's done eating!)

Exhibit B-Sage's wavy locks

I divulged Monday that no I am not quite ready for Sage's first haircut, I know it is about due.  But I'm hoping to push it off a few more months.  (Sorry Sean)  One I'm just not ready to say goodbye to that sweet little baby head of hair.  Two I'm picturing the nightmare trying to get that child to sit still long enough for someone to cut his hair!

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