Parenting Thursday: Where to Put the Kid's Stuff??

So I am going to assume if you have children sooner than later your house becomes over run with their stuff.  Ours has.  A long time ago the kid's stuff began to out number our stuff and it's slowly but quickly taking over the place!!

When you open the coat closet and things are falling out at you or so jammed packed in there you can't get a thing out, well then you've reached enough.  Here's a look at how I unburied our coat closet that well still holds more kids stuff than coats.  It's a start.

Of course Sage my assistant was in rare form to "help" as usual. 

We picked up this rubbermade organizer at Big Lots I think for around $20.  It needed to house puzzles, coloring books and lots more.
 First up were puzzles.  Cy has a gazillion of them, there must have been 3 dozen little 24 piece puzzles thrown in there.  To save room I cut the picture on the box so he could see the puzzle picture and put it in a ziplock bag with all the pieces.  I saw this idea awhile back somewhere out there in blog land, great way to save room and help keep pieces all in one place.

The rest of the drawers went to house coloring books, worksheets, sticker sheets and  flashcards/ educational toys.

An afternoon, rubbermade container, alot of ziplock bags and.....
 the closet is organized!  The only down side the vacuum cleaner now has to be lifted up over the rubbermade container to get it out.  I will admit to Sean's contentment that yes it is a pain, but I never said I had all the answers.  Nor do I know where you think I am always putting your shoes.  Sorry had to go there!

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