A Weekend of Firsts

We enjoyed a weekend of firsts......
Over 3 months ago I posted:
I have to admit I am one of those parents, moms, that waits and waits to get their baby's 1st haircut. (to my husband: yes you read that right, I said it myself)  There is something so sweet and innocent about those soft little baby locks that you just don't want to give up. 

We (I) finally gave in...

 Sage got his first haircut!  That little stinker sat there good as gold.  He hardly wiggled, was having too much fun in the little car seat they put him in.  He only cried once he was out and Cy's turn came, he wanted back in the seat!
 Cy the old pro (aka he knows he'll get a sucker and a trip next door to the dollar store if he's good)

My big Jones Boy, Sean also got his haircut but this once I will spare him public humiliation on my blog. 

Our other first was for Cy-- First trip to the MOVIES!
With Aunt Dooie and Mommy to see Beauty in the Beast in 3D.
Before the movie: Cy informed my sister she could have some of the M & Ms we got because they are the big bag and they say share on them.  (sharing size M & Ms)
As the movie started, lights went out:
Cy,"Okay now what's going on, oh it's okay I think we are getting started". 
Followed by: "It's Alive!"
About  the middle of the movie: "Mommy..... mommy I'm done now with the movie.  Can we go get a stuffed animal?" (the claw machines at the entrance)
Me, "No Cy I don't have anymore money, watch the movie".
Cy (after about 2 minutes) " Mommy I really don't like it when you are out of money".

And so goes Cy's first trip the movie theatre.  The 3D glasses were a big hit he wore them all the way home, at 6:30 p.m. in the dark.

A good weekend of firsts.......

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