Sweater Monsters

My four year old loves to make crafts, my husband would say he spends too much time with me.  He had been thinking real hard all day on what craft he wanted to make with mommy... finally (with me in the middle of making dinner) he announced he wanted to make a monster out of fabric.  So trying to think of how to make this fabric monster with him and not burn our meal for the night, the sweater monster evolved. 

I hate to throw anything out that I think I might be able to use again; in other words I am hoarder that refuses to admit that I hoard and save the weirdest stuff that I think I could reuse or recraft.  I have bags of old shirts and sweaters that have unfortunately met with the dryer saved with my stashes of fabric, because hey that's good material I could make something with. (what I might not be sure of yet, but something, someday)

Today those old sweaters came in handy, instead of trying to figure out a pattern for this fabric monster we saved a little time and made a sweater monster.  The sleeves were tied off to make arms, then I cut a piece of fleece to fit in the neckline quickly hand stitching it closed,  Cy got to stuff his monster to his liking and I made about a 3 inch cut into the bottom of the sweater stitching "legs" which I just tied the bottoms closed instead of sewing.  We decorated, made the monster face, with scraps of fleece and googly eyes which were hot glued on.  Nice and easy- Sweater Monster!!!

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