Christmas 2011

2 days and 4 Christmas celebrations, countless friends, family and good food.  Christmas 2011 was a great weekend.

everyone survived......

well almost, a least after a little mid morning nap or rest.

One of my favorite things, that doesn't always turn out that great but at least we give it a try, is the annual kids picture.  All the kids are in one place so you try and get them together for a Holiday picture.  Shouldn't be too hard right?  Guess again.
This is last year:

And then another attempt this year:
Can't say we didn't try

Hard to believe it already came and went-- and soon we'll say the same for 2011!  Cy's on winter break from school, I'm about to start a new job while still at my current position with a couple days off to be with the kids in between and Sean has a 4 day week.  Here's to hoping we make it to Saturday knowing who, where and when we're suppose to be somewhere. 

Then it's ringing in the new year with a quiet weekend at home.  Yes it's come to that I guess you know when you're old or at least a parent-- when you look forward to staying in.

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