Where'd the Weekend Go?

The weekend came and went before I really knew it was here.  Friday night was the annual down town Christmas parade, which all the kids look forward to.  But I felt like I was run over by one of Santa's reindeer after the parade. 

I don't know if it was a cold, the flu or weeks of not sleeping but I was out for the count Saturday.  I caught a nap while Sage took his.  Only to wake up and find Cyrus playing up in their room.  I said Cy you woke up your brother.  He responsed, "no I didn't he did that on his own".  Just for clarification I guess.   

Cy was full of good ones this weekend as most of Saturday I watched them play from the couch.  I told Cy I was going to go take a nap and he could babysit Sage.  At first I got no response, but then a look like is she really serious, did she just say want I thought she did?  Finally in true Cy fashion," NO WAY, I AM NOT THE BABYSITTER!".   Good to know.

The kids did end up having a good weekend.  All the cousins were together, little and big, for the parade.  Although only a select few adults made it to the end, outside.  It was 2 hours long and as the crowds thinned it got a bit colder.  We caught the last half hour inside from the bakery windows. 

Saturday night was the Jones annual Korv party.  Sean's grandparents host, you bring your own meat to make Swedish sausage.  Cy and Sage entertained themselves with their cousin Hugo.  In a bit of a haze I didn't take any pictures this year,  but think some cousins got some good ones in of the boys before they had too much glogg.  I'll have to update.

Here's some pictures from last year.  Hard to believe how little Sage was, we laid him out on the blanket while the big kids played and tickled him.  Not this year, he was in the mix of it running around.  My apologizes to Gigi and Bumpa's living room, I have a feeling you will be finding potato chips and lego pieces in various spots for weeks to come. (the other picture is Sean in my "swedish" apron, sorry had to tease you with this photo one more year :))

So we kicked off December..... still a lot more to come.  We've got to go find Santa, finish up cookies, shopping and presents!  Stop by tomorrow to see what Cy and I made for his Pre-K friends' Christmas presents.

This is how Cy ended his weekend, we all felt the same.  He fell asleep in the backseat on top of his big chex mix bag he was eating after we left Sam's Club. 

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