EXPLORE ART project: Animal Collage Wall Mural

Today's project was adapted from a project Cy did a W Kids, Wegman's child care service for while you shop. (Yes I love Wegman's in so many ways)

Animal Wildlife Wall Mural
It is a combination of coloring, construction paper and studying animals. 
Oh, and of course fun.

  • Coloring book or printed coloring sheets of animals land, water and animals that can fly
  • Construction paper green, blue, white, yellow
  • scissors, tape and crayons

Step 1: Have your child pick a variety of animals and color them. We used a Jack Hanna coloring book.  Expand your lesson and look at real photos of the animals while they are coloring.

Once your child has colored a variety of animals, those that live in the water, on land and those that can fly, you or your child can cut them out of the coloring pages.  Then set them aside while you work on the next couple of steps. 

Step 2: Next we have to work on our backdrop for the wall mural.  Using construction paper you will have to make a green grass area, blue water area  and clouds and a sun for the sky.  I used a couple of full sheets of green to make the grass, snipping about an inch and a half down along the whole top.  Do the same for the water area, using a full sheet of blue cutting a curved line across the top for “waves”.  Next cut out a circle for your sun, we added rays.  And last a few fluffy clouds.

Step 3: Tape everything up on your wall and you are ready to get started.  Use blue painters tape if you’re worried about paint peeling off.

Step 4: Cy collected all of his colored and cut out animals.  We picked up one at a time and Cy named it and said where it had to go.  If it lived in the water, land or could fly.  We rolled a piece of tape on the back and he stuck it in the right area on the wall.

Cy had a lot of fun with this project, which I do tend to say about every project but art is fun!  He was able to color each one of his animals, help cut them out and then create a collage wall mural.  Kids aren’t always given the opportunity to create BIG pictures.  Letting him use the whole wall he had more space and freedom to decide where he wanted to place things. 

Let their imagination have no limits. Let them explore art through everyday fun!    

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