Parenting Thursday: School days

It's official we have a school kid now.  Cy attended his Pre-K round up tonight, he met his teachers, visited his classroom, ran around with a bunch of kids but most importantly tried out all the toys.

This hit me hard.  I can't believe he will be in school starting in just a couple weeks.  We filled out all the paper work in the fall and have been talking about it since Christmas, but all of a sudden wow it just snuck up on me.

September and the start of school will have a whole new meaning.  No longer just another time of the year associated with fall, this is a new stage and a new schedule.

It already feels like we're wrapping up summer and it's only the first week in August.  The kids enjoyed a last minute trip to Midway yesterday with their cousins.  A last little hurrah of our stay-cation.

They have the park memorized for their favorites the cars, helicopters, planes, boats and merry go-round.  They even tried a few games in the arcade but haven't quite gotten the concept of winning tickets to get prizes.  We didn't enlighten them anymore and were still able to leave with a few dollars in our pockets.

I guess it's so long summer, we'll be seeing you in our rear view mirror soon enough.  Hello fall, a new season and a new stage in our 4 year old's life.  

I have a writing project for myself over the next week, inspired by this article from the New York Times,A Letter to a Child Starting Kindergarten.

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