Spun Around

Don't quite know whats happened to the month of August.  It is almost half way through but it's got me so spun around that I can't remember where it started.  
I've been going in so many circles I've lost my center.  

Thank God for caffeine, chocolate and magazines. 
A little bit of my sanity has been restored and 
I've found where my center will always be.

We've welcomed some cooler days that have shown us a hint of fall is on it's way.  
We're soaking up the last bit of long summer days.

  Life needs to slow down a bit and fall into order.  For once I'm going to welcome a bit of structure and routine.  

2 1/2 weeks left of pure madness with a more than a
few bright spots to look forward to a weekend of celebration and getting away, family time, a 1st birthday and a 1st day of school.

Hold on August we're not quite done, let's see what you have left.

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