I'll Take the Crazy

This weekend we played and swung from the branches of our family tree.  Hands were shaken, hugs were given, cheeks and lips were kissed.  Babies were passed from hips to out stretched hands, children weaved through small groups at dangerous speeds. 

 Before the afternoon meal, all the Joneses get in a circle and count out how many have attended.  They then continue with updates and news from each side of the family- then we eat!
They say it's an off year, so the numbers aren't that high.  Well I can't remember the last time 75 people on my side of the family all got together in someone's front lawn for an afternoon picnic or reunion.

It's a yearly event all the kids have grown to look forward to.  Not so sure they have any idea who most of the adults are but they know their cousins will be there.  Pair that with a playground, blow up pools, penny hunts and lollipops and peanuts they're in.  

Little do they know that we are grooming the next generation of helpers- which is to our advantage the count of boys to girls under 6 is about 9 out of 10. Our husbands will have it made, while I guess us women folk are still stuck in the kitchen.

A couple weeks ago I posted: My life is crazy and beautiful all in one breath. Sometimes you’re constantly inhaling to take it all in.  

That about sums up my weekend and the next couple days.  While I love our yearly reunion it has also come to mark the half way point of the summer.  Soon enough our summer will turn into the crisp days of autumn.  

With the next couple days off, for a little stay-cation with my boys, I am trying to inhale every second of these long summer days filled with sun and beautiful smiles of my children.

My first born will be starting Pre-K in a couple of weeks.  
My heart leaps with excitement for him and at the same time sinks a little to know my baby is growing up.  

My Sage babe will be 1 year old in a couple of weeks.  
The time has flown by so much faster with the second child, but at least I've known to cherish every part of it. 

If this could be the time in my life I could freeze everything I would.  I could have the best of everything; my husband, my preschooler and my little baby.  We are so constantly busy most of the time that my head takes days to stop spinning......

But some day it will all be gone and our lives will be filled with time and options.  I'll take the crazy.  As long as every now and then I get to take a few great, big, deep breathes in- 
in the midst of all this insanity and hold my babies close.

So that I can pull them in for a million kisses and bear hugs.....

and then in even tighter till I have memorize every single inch of their bodies and how heavy they get when their little bodies fall asleep on you, softly breathing in and out as they dream about their whole lives that are in front of them.  

I'll have to let them go, let them find themselves and soar. 
As long as I'm always here for when they need to be held close.

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