The little things

Sometimes it's the little things in life that make you smile...

finding super heros in your purse at work 

laughing, giggly babies that chase balls and get lost under tables

Green Beans starting to bud in the garden

Four year olds that say, "now mom I'm going to say a bad word but thats okay, I'm going to say this is stupid"

love this photo, I don't think Sage is even 2 months old just came across it again
 Big brother burying someone under stuffed animals

Tracing Hand Art, pink elephants, purple dogs, frogs and dragons oh my!

But best of all.... I must have hit the jack pot tonight.  I came home and within 15 minutes......

A baby in bed by 8:30, Cy in his pajamas, the dishes are done and the carpet vacuumed.  Me with my feet up watching one last Cyrus show before bed!  It's like winning the mega millions..... I'll still be smiling in my sleep tonight.  Thanks my love, my husband, my best friend!  Don't worry its the last evening I have to work for awhile, but I still owe you for breaking out with your domestic side.


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