Weekend Adventures & Business is Family

someone loves trucks!
 Last weekend we bobbed at home, well talk about the other end of the spectrum this weekend we soared and set off on a few adventures.  A couple long walks that inevitably led us to the neighborhood playground, which included a perimeter check of the new construction site as we walked the orange fence naming different equipment.
Cy loves the horse ride at Big Lots, it even plays a little tune
Grocery shopping, popping in and out of a few stores price checking that alone with two kids is an adventure all its own.  Most people were probably glad to see us checking out in Sam's Club, although scoring of the biggest bag of dino nuggets I've ever seen was worth it.    
Sage enjoying a little bit of everything at chinese buffet

Did I mention REALLY enjoying it....
 Saturday we ventured into Pennsylvania, or as Cy calls it TransylBania, for the best Chinese Buffet.  Sage was amazed by the streamers and lanterns hanging from the ceiling, Sean and I were amazed at the man who choose to rock the plaid pajama pants with a dress shirt, the lady without a bra and her 8 foot tall husband. 

Our night didn't end there with those wonderful sights.  A friend of Sean's sent him a message that he'd spotted an old Jones' Bakery truck out by Stedman Corners, mind you we were still in PA.  I could see it in Sean's eyes that our road trip wasn't over. 

Twenty minute drive back to NY, across town and back out on 86 we made our way towards Stedman Road.  We found it and wow does it look like something right out of history.  I snapped a few shots from the car with Cy crawling in and out of my way.  

But is this not nostalgic?  Compared to this shot of Sean's grandpa circa late 1940s.  Amazing.

Not the best image, a picture of a picture using my phone

We're not quite sure if it is an old bakery truck but Sean can't wait to find out.  If nothing else it's one of those great stories you can tell your kids about when they're older.  Our adventure through the woods to that lead us to this great find, that might possibly be part of our history.  

Our business is our family, and that's the way its always been at the Bakery.  So many Joneses grew up and spent their lives in and out of the Bakery in some way or other. This is my boys' life.

Cy was there from day one, taking the for rent sign off the window.

Helping out, or maybe just staying out of the way during construction.

Even with someplace to go he makes sure to help even if its just seasoning the croutons.

Helping to wash up he jumps right in.

Now Sage, poor kid.  No ones broken the news to him that after he turns 1 he'll have to do more than just eat the danish.  But for now he does a pretty good job at that.

We're gearing up for the Jones Reunion this Sunday.  It's only the 96th Reunion!  Above is a shot of last year's cousin party we hosted Saturday evening at the Bakery, I don't think downtown had ever seen that many Joneses in one place. 

We saw this great T-shirt at last weekends Swedish Festival, and I think it's my motto for the weekend:  Swedish by Marriage

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