Bobbing through the weekend

My life is crazy and beautiful all in one breath.
Sometimes you’re constantly inhaling to take it all in, well every now and then you need to exhale and let things go.  Let the wind go from your sail and sway with the water of life bobbing up and down in place.  That’s what we did this weekend, bobbed.  

The kids and I stayed close to home, finishing up small projects and loose ends.  We escape the rising heat while my husband was stuck in the middle of it, literally on the roof trying to finish the primer on the upper section of our house.  It must have reached at least 90 degrees out Sunday!

We worked on picking up the mess of toys that seem to take up every corner of the house.  We did a clean sweep and put away things that haven’t been played with in months.  I finally got to read the Zen Mommy article, from this month’s Parents magazine that I talked about last week.  She talked about one of the teachings of Buddhism living in the now, not always trying to multitask and work towards the next thing.  

Another teaching was leave no trace, the state of your home can mirror the state of your life. A scattered mind likely leads to a messy environment vice versa.  Lately both of mine have been scattered and chaotic. 

Just as I tried to pick up and put things in place in my home, I did so with things in my life.  Simple as sorting through the mail that was consuming the desk, setting a schedule for little jobs I need to get done. 

I even finished the flyer for my upcoming EXPLORE ART class in August.  Really excited, I’ve got two classes planned, one on the Paul Klee project, another something I’ll be working on Robert Delaunay inspired sun shape and color collages.  We also lived in the now and tryed a fun art project, watercolor ice cube paintings.  Project post to follow this week!

 Just as we finished bobbing through the weekend someone decided its time to take off and start walking.  Littlest Jones boy is just about walking, we'll say stepping for now.  He gets himself up with something, turns, stands on his own and takes the most comical little baby steps.  Just a few though like he's just trying in out and then drops right back down to his knees and takes off crawling after something or his brother.  

So much for bobbing here we all go right into the week.
Let's see if the state of my home and the state of my mind are both in tack come the end of the week!

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