Friday Finds: Art Supply Storage

Kids + Stuff = Mess
Kids + Stuff + Art Supplies = Possibility for HUGE Mess
If you have kids, especially kids under 5, you know everywhere you turn there is going to be stuff.  Toys, games, stuffed animals you name it they are in every corner of your house.  There are a few categories of kids stuff that you really want to keep organized and in some cases put up unless they are playing with it.  Art supplies fall into that category.  

While you want to encourage your child's inner Picasso you don't want to encourage it on your walls or living room furniture while your not looking.   Here are a few DIY kids art supply storage ideas, that will keep materials accessible and organized and not all over your house.
Muffin tin/ Plastic Cup Organizer @ familyfun.go.com
A six cup muffin tin and a few plastic cups will keep art supplies organized as your child is working on a project and is easy enough to throw on top of the fridge when they're done. 

Plastic Storage Bin with Chalk board Paint
Pick up a plastic storage bin from any home store and add a little something extra with chalk board paint.  Keep your kids art supplies organized and all in one spot pull out anytime they're ready to work on a project.

Paint Bucket with Tool Organizer as Art Bucket
Fun take on Dad's tool bucket, pick up supplies at any hardware store.  Love that this art storage idea even has a space for coloring books and/or paper.  Handy to tote around to any room of the house.

 Curtain rod holder with metal tins
A bit more of an initial project, this DIY idea will keep your kid's supplies easily accessible and organized.  This would be fun to pair with a chalk board wall or paper roll attached to the wall.

Have fun organizing & here's a few more tips for art clean up:
 Invite your kids to help organize their own art supplies, let them take ownership of their materials and how to take care of them.
- Let them wash out paint brushes as they wash their hands 
- Remind them if they don't put the caps on their markers the ink will dry up and no more markers!
- Show them how and where to hang up their finished pictures so everyone can enjoy them and they don't get ruined if they're left out

Always remember to create, have fun and EXPLORE ART!

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