Parenting Thursday: Chores

A couple weeks ago during our lunch break we got unto the topic of children and chores.  Two co-workers, both who have grown children, were talking about chores that were expected of their children when they were younger. The basics setting the table, picking up your room, putting away dirty laundry or clean clothes.  All things most of us had to do while growing up in our parent's house.  
But can you remember at what age certain chores were expected of you?  One co-worker went on to tell about her neighbor who stopped to ask her how to get her 19 year old, who doesn't help, to start with chores around the house.  Long story short the three of us with a few laughs summed up she should have started a long time before he turned 19!

Cy at Christmas when he was 2.... he was so excited to get his own vacuum cleaner!

But wow, that made me stop to think.... I have a 4 year old that yes will help out here and there but for the majority of the time does not have a lot of responsibilities around the house.  Could he turn into the 19 year old who doesn't help at all? 

I know a bit dramatic, plus I think my husband would have a fit if he were a 10 year old that didn't help or have any responsibilities.  So with panic mode subsiding I do still think it's time Cyrus has a few chores he is expected to help with daily or weekly. 

Cy in his Easter picture at 2 years old, during his cleaning phase he loved spray bottles with water to do his own cleaning!

We've been working on making our own bed and putting away dirty clothes after mommy helps get us dressed in the morning.  I haven't pushed getting dressed by himself, he usually is happy to do so if he can put all his clothes on inside out or backwards.  Self expression or just being defiant, who knows?
We're working on it slowly but surely, and I'm sure all the chores you had as a child you weren't given all in one day or even one year.  I did enjoy this post from The Complete Guide to Imperfect Homemaking, Seven Chores Young Children Can Do.  It touches upon the basics picking up toys, making beds, the table and laundry.  

But she went on to make several very important points: you have to TEACH your children chores, do not just expect them to know what to do, be a good EXAMPLE, don't expect PERFECTION, and don't do it YOURSELF because its faster. 

All very good points that I'll have to keep reminding myself on those days my house is turned upside down with toys!

And sometimes you need to settle for imperfect because it holds so much more.  When they fill their tents with every toy they own and sit in there to look at books you have to just smile and realize kids will be kids.

Our house is clean enough to be healthy, and dirty enough to be happy.  ~Author Unknown

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