EXPLORE ART project: Paul Klee

Childrens' Watercolor Resistant Paintings
inspired by Paul Klee

Paul Klee is known for his primitive, surrealism, cubism and children's art.  His work can be described as delicate paintings and watercolor with strong use of lines and symbols.  He often used letters and numbers with figures of people and animals.  Here's a few examples for inspiration:

Red Balloon

Paul Klee

Insula Dulcamara

 This project would be ideal for 3-5 year old children.  
First, show them examples of the artist's work, opening discussion to how he used different colors, shapes, line and figures.  Ask your child what they think of the art work.  Why do they like it? What do they see in his paintings?  Do they like what he painted? The colors?  How does it make them feel, happy, silly...?  Any questions you think will spark a discussion about the work with your child.  Get them thinking about what and how Paul Klee painted not just that he painted a red balloon or a person.

Watercolor paper 
I use large 18" X 24" it gives them more room to work with and kids think its fun
Painters Tape
line the borders of your paper this will give you nice finished edges
any type you already have will do 
kids palette trays, seen above, work just fine
Wide Paint Brush or Foam Brush
you need a wide brush that will give you a nice wash over the whole picture, covering more area

Okay, to get started:

First, your child is going to color a picture. (make sure you have taped your borders with painters tape)  Remember to talk about the things they saw in Paul Klee's pictures.  What did they like the colors, the figures?  Try stencils for shapes and numbers or let them make their own.

Second, after their crayon picture is done they are going to apply the watercolors.  The trick to getting a nice watercolor wash is to add more water.  Make sure their wide brush is quite wet and even add a little water to the little palette of color.  Once they have enough diluted watercolor on their brush begin painting over your picture.  They may use multiple colors or just pick one, paint over the whole picture even spots containing the crayon picture.

The key to this project is the watercolor is resistant to the crayon picture that is already been laid down.  Yes your child is painting over the picture they colored but the watercolor still works as the background color because the crayon marks show through or they are resistant to picking up the watercolor paint. Neat! 

Let your child's picture dry for a couple hours on a flat surface.  Once dry you may remove the painters tape.  Tip: remove it at an angle slowing so not to rip up any parts of the paper.  
Now display it proudly for everyone to see!!

  the scary monster and little triangle person- Cyrus Jones 2011

 Silly People- Cyrus Jones 2011

Every Child Is An Artist 
Pablo Picasso 

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