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I cannot make decisions, I hate it, I procrastinate until I absolutely have to or run out of time.   With that in mind you can understand why I plot out a weekly menu.  Seriously if I had to think of what to make every night when we get home we wouldn't eat until 8 p.m.  So here's a sneak peek for this week:
Woman's Day BLT Pasta Recipe

 I have to laugh.... we've been making a big batch of fruit salad every week.  We all LOVE fruit.  I can't remember when but Cy and I had watched a sesame street episode where a mother and two kids were cutting up fruit to make a fruit salad.  They were naming each type of fruit then they started some kind of song while they mixed it in a bowl..... but all Cy and I can remember is the part that goes:
Fruit, Fruit, Fruit S-A-L-A-D...
I can't find a clip or what episode it was so for now that's the only part of the song we can sing.

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