You scream, I scream for..... no not for ice cream...

The month of June brings a new tradition with my boys- U Pick Strawberries!
My sister and I use to always go with our grandparents, who are both gone now, and last year we decided it was a tradition worth renewing.  She couldn't make it this year so we settle with B, grandma, who we could actually never put in second place......

Cy was great this year and even got the you only pick the ones that are bright red, not too many little green and yellow ones made it into his basket.

Sage wasn't quite sure what we were doing in a field with baskets crawling through straw paths.  But as soon as he got a strawberry he knew what to do!  He had berry stained lips and legs the rest of the day.

This is the stuff memories are made of......

and the best part of taking home a basket full of berries
(this is about only a quarter of what we actually went home with)..............

Strawberry Rhubarb Jam
The standard recipe found in any Sure Jell box
2 cups mashed fruit, 4 cups sugar, 3/4 cup water with packet of pectin 

I love the warmer months, when you can get out and let everyone loose to enjoy the world.  Come the colder weather when your all tucked inside you draw everyone in to surround you with warmth.  All in all you get the best of both world.  And sometimes those worlds cross paths as you pull a jar of freezer jam out in the middle of December with snow flurries out your window.... a little bit of that June day returns and somebody's strawberry lips!!

Congratulations you've survived MONDAY!  Only a few more to go till another lazy SATURDAY morning with my little loves.

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