We Celebrated

Happy Birthday to BOTH of you......
We celebrated my mom and sister's birthday with girls lunch date at House on the HillDelicious lunch crepes, I had the rendez vous- eggs, ham, tomato and a whole lot of other goodness. 
Doesn't that fruit cup just make you smile?

Celebrations continued with dinner and of course CAKE!  Bundt, pound cake with fresh berries and homemade whip cream.
Unfortunately yes even I sang, Happy Birthday To You..... but who wouldn't for a piece of cake.
Cy insisted on a piece of cake, which is rare.... turns out he wanted the candles in his cake so he could have a turn blowing them out.  Practice I am assuming for that other birthday he keeps reminding us about that is coming up next year.
Have I mentioned I hate having my picture taken, even worse while I'm eating.
Sage doesn't mind....anything that involves food he's down.  If he really likes something he sings, hums, while he's eating its pretty funny.  If he wants something or gets excited he pinches his lips together and says Ooo, Oooo...
Grandpa and his boys, a rare photo of my dad, this only happens when he doesn't know you taking it!
Happy Birthday to two very special people and beautiful women in my life!!

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